Hello world (again)

Seems like life keeps loving to throw curve balls that shake things up in strange, unusual, and sometimes delightful ways. A change in my living environment has taken me away from having my own localhost running and world accessible so I have gone back to the world of having someone else host my website. Nearly ten years away means it is a totally different landscape which was an interesting discovery to say the least.

Just getting WordPress in play again now. This is my second or third attempt to blog a bit using this platform. Except this time I will probably run whatever else this site will be through it instead of trying to make Drupal and WordPress play nicely together.

While anyone who knows me is aware I’ve spent a long time working as a web developer these last several years I’ve worked hard to break into a field I wasn’t sure actually existed, but turns out to be the hottest job on the planet right now. Some say “The Sexiest job of the 21st Century” I have managed to accidentally find my way into Data Science.

So this blog will talk about the trials and triumphs associate with that. It will contain other ramblings as I see fit (my site my rules right?), but I’ll try to work in some topical filters so if anyone ever reads this they can just focus on the parts they care about instead of drinking straight from the fire hose.

So here is to new beginnings and to unforeseen results!

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